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        Wuhan han DE instrument co., LTD. Is a focus on the international valve manufacturers, engaged in ACG brand all kinds of butterfly valve, ball valve, regulating valve and the corresponding accessories products of the production, sales and service and other business activities. After working with ACG brand but also enhance the level of the internationalization of the handler, and technical cooperation with ACG constantly, now the production of ultra-low temperature - 196 ℃ valves, high pressure forged steel ball valve is fully synchronized with the international high-end level, with a number of independent intellectual property rights.

The company is located in wuhan Wu Hu large transport hub cities in central industrial park, the unique geographical advantage to our application partners provides convenient logistics, efficient and timely service. At present, the company has from the hot working, cold machining, assembling to detect the integrity of the process route and high precision processing equipment, annual output of more than 3500 tons, a large number of industries in China industrial field, military industry, ships, large infrastructure in all can see my company product quality excellent, and there is a lot of Asia, Europe, Africa, the americas application clients.

High quality products leave the perfect management and quality system, in cooperation with ACG after not only absorb the excellent management experience, and according to the condition of China's local conditions to form a set of effective management mode. In ACG - han's team has a lot of talent, they fulfill their duties, they strive for perfection, they embrace cheng keep true, we passed under their hard work of the People's Republic of China special equipment manufacturing license, ISO9001 certification, CE certification, TUV certification of fire prevention, the United States API certification and related products in hefei general machinery research institute, Shanghai institute of industrial automation instrument testing certification.

ACG - han's complete product line, has already formed the ultra-low temperature - 196 ℃ of butterfly valve, ball valve, regulating valve, high pressure 2500 lb of forged steel ball valve, high temperature of 1000 ℃ valve, large diameter of 3000 mm hard seal eccentric butterfly valve and conventional butterfly valve, ball valve, regulating valve. We have always advocated the internationalization, the internationalization of our key spare parts and materials procurement, conventional parts manufactured by international standard. So choose ACG - handler, choose the high quality, cost-effective products of internationalization. This will provide you with more diversified, more detailed application solutions.

ACG - partner han's growth cannot leave the application's support, we put forward the good faith the etiquette service. Pre-sale application for partners to provide effective technical solution, technical engineer will communicate with your patience. Sale our sales engineer for you to choose reasonable price, timely delivery of products. After-sales service is an important part of we insist on high quality, experienced field engineers for application partners service is our sincere best reflects the etiquette service.

ACG - handler, continue to grow in the process of internationalization, will continue to perfect the management system, technology innovation, make use of our faith etiquette service to a higher peak.