Wuxi taihu international pump valve expo 2014 will be held on September 16 in wu

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By the host unit: China machinery industry federation, machinery industry federation, in wuxi city in jiangsu province people's government; Organizer: valve industry association, the China council for the promotion of international trade in jiangsu province, wuxi machinery industry federation, in wuxi city of wuxi branch of economic and information commission jointly undertake "wuxi taihu international pump valve expo 2014" (hereinafter referred to as: wuxi valve exhibition), on the 19th September 16 - was held in jiangsu wuxi taihu international expo center. This exhibition is mainly in order to strengthen our cooperation and communication equipment manufacturing industry and related enterprises of valve, hand in hand together for the development and prosperity of pump valve industry, as well as the pump valve industry manufacturers and dealers exchanges and cooperation and set up a big stage.
Valve industry association of jiangsu province and jiangsu province delta international exhibition co., LTD., as a major partner, undertaking the wuxi taihu international pump valve expo 2014 exhibition is the 12th China (wuxi) taihu exposition 2014 wuxi taihu international economic and trade section series of activities taihu exposition of industrial equipment, at the same time, the opening and the 25th 2014 wuxi taihu international machine tool and die manufacturing equipment exhibition, the 10th 2014, wuxi taihu international spring fasteners, and processing equipment exhibition, 2014 10th wuxi taihu international welding and cutting technology and equipment exhibition.
This session of exhibition is the first to undertake for jiangsu valve association, the main purpose in order to guide the pump valve manufacturing and related companies cope with the complex economic situation at home and abroad, enterprises in market development and promotion of brands, to show the enterprise image to the domestic and foreign merchants, improve enterprise well-knownness, speed up the transform and upgrade traditional industries, to enhance enterprise competitiveness, expand exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, and build the common development of the exhibitors and the end user communication platform. Also mainly for the member enterprises do a good job in service industry association, to market a major move.
As is known to all, the rapid development of the valve industry in jiangsu province in recent years, with good quality and reliable reputation both at home and abroad, at present there are more than 600 jiangsu valve manufacturer, annual output value is controlled in 40 billion yuan, is a group of backbone enterprises, and form a few big regional industrial area, mainly concentrated in suzhou and yancheng, the two pieces of regional valve industry reached 10 billion yuan. In places such as suzhou, nantong, yancheng pieces have sprung up in nuclear science and technology, suzhou neway, avatar, jiangsu jiulong valve in jiangsu, jiangsu su salt valve, bamboo Ze valve industry in jiangsu province, jiangsu hundred million valve group and jiangsu Wan Heng foundry industry and so on a number of backbone enterprises, including suzhou neway valve annual breaks through more than 20, one hundred million yuan, has become the nation's largest valve manufacturing enterprise. In the valve industry in jiangsu province and in nuclear science and technology, neway shares three listed companies, jiangsu avatar valve, the valve industry in jiangsu province in production, and economic efficiency and the comprehensive economic strength in the forefront of the national counterparts.
After the early stage of the plan and various job, jiangsu valve association recently with the wuxi taihu lake, head of the pump valve shows successively in zhejiang province and jiangsu province, travel more than 1000 kilometers, focus on centralized area, always fine, wenzhou longwan valve industry in China and Taiwan, lishui and other regions, in suzhou and yancheng of jiangsu province, the relevant person in charge of the pump valve association with these places for the communication, the association is responsible for the per capita said his full support for this exhibition, and completes the promotion work, along with all that this exhibition to do even better, more smoothly, and attract more pump valve industry manufacturing enterprises, distributors, etc. The fair, to become the pump valve industry aggregation.
Wuxi pump valve shows the ostentatious more smoothly in the existing nuclear science and technology, avatar, neway valve valve, Yang, suzhou sida, valve and a batch of enterprise registration participation in wuxi taihu international pump valve expo, at the same time, sichuan valve, longwan valve association, association of anshan high valve industrial park, zhejiang plumbing valves, qingtian county, zhejiang lishui valve association, etc will be organized to display, while studying in jiangsu valve key enterprises,
Also made a project to do a good job in this exhibition, jiangsu valve association also demonstrate the project, taking everything into consideration is feasible, we jiangsu valve association has good industry resources, and domestic and international market support, regardless of the quality, and quality, a good reputation both at home and abroad. Although undertake exhibition is the first time, have confidence in all walks of life and peer support, in the relevant government departments and industry associations to assist help, believe that the relevant industry associations and enterprises, as well as the support of the pump valve manufacturers and dealers, must be able to run successfully. Believe that through the efforts, wuxi valve show host must open a fruitful results. We also have the confidence to show must follow, and a complete success!