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Body adopts the integral casting technology, compact structure, small volume, good pressure;


V-shaped ball core eccentric installation. An eccentric force is closed, the ball core, make the ball tight pressure sealing ring, to achieve the best sealing effect; Opens, ball core and seal out quickly, effectively prevent the sealing ring wear;

Sealing ring form a soft seal and metal seal two to choose from, different working conditions, in order to meet the requirements, the sealing surface welding department of titanium, alloy can be used in some relatively harsh working conditions;

As a result of eccentric structure, greatly reduce the operating torque, improves the valve to allow the differential;

Ball core surface hardening treatment, after grinding smooth, wear-resistant, sealing surface to titanium, alloy welding company;

Simple flow, flow capacity is big, the adjustable ratio of 100;

V-shaped ball core and seal in the closing moments a shearing action occurs, you can cut off the medium in the fiber, particulate matter, especially suitable for pulp, sewage and other fiber, particulate medium, applies to general medium;

Standard actuators, pneumatic piston, electric) interchangeable