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Pneumatic film through single-seat regulating valve is a kind of intuitive easy flow adjusting control device, control valve by electric actuator and valve body two parts together.
Pneumatic film single-seat regulating valve body, a valve core and a seat, has the characteristics of small amount of leakage. The valve unbalanced force is large, which allows a two-seater differential pressure valve is small. Just change the way the role of pneumatic diaphragm actuator can realize gas open or closed.
Main features: small volume, complete specifications, light weight, big thrust, convenient operation, high reliability, low noise.
Intelligent electrical locator with digital display window, can see the value, the valve position control signal.
The HD series single-seat valves with the top guide and compared with other similar regulator, has the advantages of simple structure, large rated flow coefficient, the seat leak the outstanding advantages of small volume. In addition, with soft sealing structure of HD series there are both regulating function and to cut off the function, is a kind of regulation to cut off the control valve, also can use as a shut-off valve.