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Wuhan han DE valve instrument co., LTD, after-sales service commitment
1. The on-site technical service: on-site technical service is the purpose of the guarantee of the equipment safety and normal operation, the company sent the experienced technical personnel to the scene to guide installation, commissioning acceptance for free
2. Technical training: the company according to the construction schedule to provide the corresponding technical training, debugging maintenance personnel training for our customers.
3. The company provides equipment follow the principle of reliability, advanced, easy maintenance, to ensure timely, durability, ensuring supply. And provide relevant new techniques, new technologies, to exchange information and advisory services.
4. My company's products quality assurance period for customer site after unpacking inspection 18 months or 12 months after installation and debugging will be subject to first come. The warranty period, such as a fault or damage caused by product quality, the company specified technical personnel in a timely manner after receiving information reply; If still cannot solve, the company will send technicians to reach the site within 24 hours free inspection, maintenance and long-term to provide technical services.
5, the outside is a guarantee of failure, the company according to the customer request sent engineers to the scene.
6, performed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the economic contract law own full responsibility.