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Product overview
ZSHW/ZDRW type high performance adjustment butterfly valve, it combines common eccentric butterfly valve, ball valve, and the advantages of rotary valve, the spherical sealing and offset eccentric shaft and valve plate design, this design makes the valve plate seal face running track Mark for the CAM profile, so after the valve to open the valve plate and valve seat will remain in contact state, so that you can avoid the seat and disc friction and reduce wear and improve the reliability of the seal, at the same time reduce the open torque.
This adjustment butterfly valves have a hard seal seat and soft sealing seat two kinds of structure, can meet the needs of the different process conditions. Mainly by the butterfly valve body, valve stem, valve plate, packing components, sealing end cover and enforcement agencies and other major parts. Which, with ZSHW for high-performance pneumatic regulating butterfly valve positioner, proportional control can be realized.
Regulating butterfly valve body small flow resistance, flow coefficient, valve plate and seal institution has a unique design, with adjustment, cut off the two functions. Seal adjustment butterfly valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, sewage treatment and other production departments of gas, steam, liquid medium in the pipeline flow regulation and cut off, in order to achieve production process according to certain specifications. Using the F4, lining F46 butterfly valve especially suitable for chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry of strong acid, strong alkali corrosive medium, such as control; Used in the line with rubber butterfly valve especially suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other pure line and industrial environmental protection, water treatment, high building, water supply and drainage pipe opening and closing or flow control.