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Product introduction: to cut off the ball valve structure simple, compact, fluid channel in a straight line, small flow resistance, flow capacity is big. Rotate 90 ° can achieve the requirements of full open, full close, good cutting performance, so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries for a variety of liquid, gas, slurry type fluid medium such as cut and flow.

Detail: to cut off the ball valve is mainly composed of HD type body, takeover, seat, stem, packing, packing pressure plate and stainless steel standard fasteners. Blowout preventer rod is designed to "blowout" form, the body when the pressure rises, the valve stem is likely to be. HD type in the bottom of the stem design the blowout convex mesa, this structure is effective to prevent the valve stem. Fire accidents or other reasons will be packing burn, raising goose technology, basket, breeding techniques, tieguanyin group, valve internal pressure can also will be the inner surface of stem convex mesa to the body, to get a temporary seal here.

General body internal abnormal pressure, packing gland bolts loose or damaged, can cause the valve stem, medium, this situation may also occur when maintenance. Using this structure is very important and must be so. HD type ball valve set in the anti-static structure, between the stem and ball core is clearance fit, the valve stem and valve body ptfe packing, ptfe gasket between the isolation. When high speed dry gas by high-speed switching, ball core with ptfe seat, the friction between will instantly on the ball core accumulated a certain amount of electrostatic charge, the medium can however, especially for ignition point is at the bottom of gasoline, natural gas, propane antistatic problem must be considered, such as otherwise it may caused by static explosion. We between the stem and ball core, the valve stem and valve body set up between solid conductor connecting mechanism, so that static electricity can be into the earth, make the equipment operation more secure.