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An overview of the
Regulating valve is the most widely used type of final control elements. Other final control elements including metering pump, damper and louver damper (a kind of butterfly valve forms), variable slope fan blade, current control device, and is different from motor positioning device of the valve. Although the regulator has been widely used, regulate the system of unit is probably no other like it less maintenance workload. In many systems, the regulator of working conditions such as temperature, pressure, corrosion and pollution is more serious than in other parts, however, when the fluid flow control technology, it must be a satisfactory operation and minimal maintenance.
Regulating valve by electric actuators or pneumatic actuator and control valve of two parts. Regulator is usually divided into direct single-seat regulating valve and direct two-seater type valve two kinds, the latter has a large flow capacity, unbalanced and the characteristics of stable operation, so often especially suitable for large flow, little pressure drop and leakage.