ACG - handler, the valve in the application of national projects

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             ACG - handler, the valve in the application of national projects
ACG - handler, high temperature and pressure zero leakage fixed ball valve, ball core is fixed, does not produce mobile after compression, with floating seat, can be moved. The ball core in the direction of the three six translational degrees of freedom are stable, advanced the springs in the seat of the component, since the tight characteristics, between seat and ball core by spring or butterfly spring thrust to make pressure ball core to produce elastic sealing effect, so the seat will not bear too much pressure, so the fixed ball valve torque is small, the seat of the small deformation, stable sealing performance, long service life, suitable for long distance pipeline and general industrial pipeline, its strength, security, and resistance to bad environment, special consideration when the design is suitable for all kinds of corrosive and non corrosive medium.

One of the HD6000 series
High temperature and pressure zero leakage fixed ball valve

lCirculation of fluid, least resistance performance is good, energy efficient, type O full bore ball valve is opened, the sphere channels, the body and connected to equal diameter and diameter, flow medium can be almost no losses.
L open-close torque is small (only need to overcome the spring pre-tightening force), easy to operate, open and close quickly, from open to close just rotate 90 °, is advantageous for the remote control
L seal performance is stable and reliable: seat end is equipped with spring or butterfly spring guarantee seal enough pre-tightening force, valve sealing surface wear during operation, in the spring under the action of the valve to ensure good sealing performance.
L to prevent wrong operation valve switch, the valve fully open, seated position lock spacing device, ensure that the valve is in the correct position, the opening and closing of the valve state under control, stable operation.
L fly out proof structure is adopted for the stem, the stem is bottoms type, prevent compression, excellent performance, high reliability, wide range of USES.
L fire sealing function, and the body sealing ring structure form of the second ball core metal sealing, can be burned down in the seat after emergency sealing effect.
L automatic pressure relief to ensure safe and reliable, when the valve is the stagnation of midplane medium abnormal pressure rise more than spring pre-tightening force, the seat back out of the sphere, achieve the result of automatic relief, recover automatically after the pressure relief valve seat.
L body are set up and down drain hole, can check whether the valve seat leakage occurs, at work, when the valve is in full open or close, removing the midplane pressure, can online change of packing.
L double seat structure, can be sealed in each direction, and therefore there is no flow limit installation.