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          Electric regulating ball valve structure brief, only by a few parts, information consumption province; Small volume, light weight, small installation size, small drive moment, pressure regulating valve, easy to operate, agile, only need to rotate 90 ° can rapid opening and closing; And at the same time has good flow regulating effect and also closed sealing characteristics, in the category of the application of large and medium caliber, low and medium pressure, electric regulating valve ball valve is the dominant situation. Electric regulating ball valve is in full open position when the butterfly plate thickness is the only resistance when the medium flows through the body, so by what happens to the valve pressure drop is small, so it has good flow control characteristics. Electric regulating ball valve seal and metal sealing machine has two sealing type.

Electric regulating ball valve product features:

1. Electric regulating ball valve fluid resistance small, is that all the valve fluid resistance in the smallest one, with AC220V, AC380V or DC24V power supply voltage, accept (4-20 ma, 0 to 10 ma, or 1 to 5 VDC) current or voltage signal, can control operation, to Angle the itinerary of the output torque rotating sphere 0 ~ 90 °, opening and closing action or adjust the action will be finished.

2. All electronic electric actuators, mining electromechanical integration structure, has a built-in servo operation and opening position feedback signal, position indicator, manual operation, and other functions, functional, reliable performance, simple connection, through the input current or voltage signal, to change the spool of rotation Angle (0-90 ° at any Angle), realize the proportional control action.

3. The ball core channel level off is smooth, not easy deposition medium, can be in-line ball. Simple structure, light weight, good sealing performance. Especially suitable for the requirement of zero leakage rate.

Electric regulating ball valve is suitable for both cutting and regulating the occasion. Direct way be used between the valve and actuator, electric actuator, built-in servo system do not need to match servo amplifier, 4-20 ma signal input and 220 vac power to control operation. Attachment with simple, compact structure, small size, light weight, small resistance, the advantages of stable and reliable.

Electric regulating ball valve USES the original electronic braking circuit and additional mechanical inertia, damping device to eliminate for instantaneous stop, no oscillation when positioning, positioning accuracy can reach above 0.3%. Silicon controlled rectifier output, action time is fast, stable output, high reliability. Small volume, light and pleasant, reliable performance, simple, large flow capacity, especially suitable for medium is sticky, including particle and fiber properties. This valve is widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper making, chemical industry, teaching and scientific research equipment, electric power industries such as industrial control coefficient.